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Vehicle Details

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Damage to Vehicle

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Driver details

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State full purpose for which vehicle was being used:

Was he/she in your employ?

Details of any convictions for motoring offences?

Details of previous accidents:

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Are they employees?

Third Party

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Property Other than Vehicles:

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Independent Witnesses

Details of any Damage:

Details of any Damage:

Accident Details


Weather Conditions and Visibility:

Road Surface and Width of Road:

Vehicle light and Street Lighting:

Was any warning given by you? E.g. Hooting/Indicator?

Was Driver tested for drugs or alcohol?

Had the driver consumed any alcohol within 6 hours of the accident occurring?

Had the driver consumed any drugs within 6 hours of the accident occurring?

Description of Accident:

Details of Towing/Storage Company:

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Other important information not noted otherwise?

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Insurers share information with each other regarding policies and claims with a view to prevent fraudulent claims and obtain material information regarding the assessment of risks proposed for insurance. Please refer to the Consent Clause on the policy schedule for more details in this regard.

NB: It is very important that you notify the insurers immediately you become aware of any impending prosecution, inquest or demand.

We the undersigned, declare the aforegoing particulars to be true in every respect. We understand that we will not be entitled to any benefits or indemnification of this claim, if the claim submitted is fraudulent in any manner whatsoever, whether submitted by ourselves or any of our agents.

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