Provide additional cover for in-hospital specialist charges
● Enhance your existing medical scheme cover to a maximum of 500%
● Include cover for a list of procedures that can be performed on an out-patient basis
● Cover charges above the medical scheme rate for chemotherapy and radiotherapy
● Cover charges above the medical scheme rate for kidney dialysis

Does your medical aid apply a co-payment or deductible amount for a particular in-hospital procedure or event? If so, the Co-Payment Cover policy will reimburse:

  • Co-payments on admission to hospital
  • Deductibles & co-payments applied for in-hospital procedures
  • Co-payments applied to listed out-patient procedures
  • Co-payments applied to kidney dialysis
  • Co-payments applied to out-patient MRI and CT scans
  • No cover is provided for the use of a non-network hospital.

The RAF (Road Accident Fund) Cover ensures that members receive 100% of their successful RAF claim as no legal fees are deducted by our service provider, RAF Expert™