The Brokersure App is a dedicated, free-to-access app that is provided to all policyholders who opt to add the BrokersureAssist product to their insurance policies. The App gives you practical and quick access to BrokersureAssist, your 24/7/365 emergency assistance service, with added features that provide convenience and peace of mind via your smartphone device in the event of roadside and household emergencies. (the same functionality is of course available via our service provider’s 24 hour call centre by simple telephone call for those without smartphone access on 0861 323 233)

Currently, the App allows you to scan (via smartphone camera) details of a third party’s registration disc in the event of an accident to ensure you have all the correct facts, which is vitally important for a properly submitted claim. Further functionality will be built in as it is requested by brokers and clients. The App is available through Google Play or Apple iTunes – full details will be provided for download and setup should this product be included with your policy.